There’s been much discussion, especially recently, surrounding the MVP award this season. Is the MVP Joel Embiid, one of the most dominant big men in the league whose team is atop the Eastern Conference, but who has missed 18 games this season. Is it Stephen Curry, who has been on an absolute tear lately and leads the league in scoring, but whose team is only 10th in the West? Or, and hear me out, is it Nikola Jokic, who leads his team in every category and is in the top 10 in rebounds and assists per game, 11th in scoring, and hasn’t missed a single game this season?

Well, it seems that Aaron Gordon, one of the newest members of the Denver Nuggets, thinks the answer is pretty obvious. Last Saturday, a fan asked Gordon on Twitter if Jokic was the MVP. Gordon answered the question by confirming that he was, but he did so in a very cool and unique way.

Translated, Gordon’s response according to Google is: “Let’s go, of course.” Not only is it extremely cool that Gordon is throwing his support behind his new teammate for the most sought-after award in the NBA, but to do so in Jokic’s native language puts the cherry on top.
Considering that the discussion surrounding who deserves the MVP Award is sure to only heat up as the regular season comes closer to an end, it’s nice to know that Jokic’s teammates are so vocal about him getting the award. It’s especially encouraging because Jokic will never declare himself the MVP, even though that seems to be the norm these days among the candidates. It’s a good thing he has teammates like AG who will do that for him.