The Denver Nuggets went 1-2 this past week by notching a revenge victory over the Dallas Mavericks, falling in Los Angeles to the Clippers a day later, then collapsing late against Atlanta on a Friday night loss to the Hawks. While the Nuggets would like to get the last few minutes of Friday’s game back, they played pretty well overall and especially came through with some amazing individual plays this week.

At the center of it all is none other than starting center Nikola Jokic, who despite his foul trouble can’t stop making highlight-reel-worthy plays. His passing game just keeps getting more and more impressive and the impact he has on the offense when he’s on the court is unreal. Jokic is averaging 3.3 assists per game right now, a mark that places him third among centers behind Mason Plumlee and Marc Gasol.

Which plays crack the top five this week? See for yourself below!