We’re counting down the 50 best moments of the Denver Nuggets’ 2018-19 season. So many great things happened with the Nuggets over the last 365 days so the Stiffs wanted to go back and re-live some of the very best shots, games, quotes, and memorable events along the way.

50. Juancho blocks Boban

Juancho Hernangomez had a great run over the first two months of the season. Through November, he was shooting 46% from behind the three-point line and playing over 25 minutes per game. He slowed down quite a bit in January when it was reported that he was battling a mysterious injury and fell out of the rotation. A week ago, it was revealed that he’d had surgery on a core muscle. But while he was healthy, Juancho provided some big moments for the Nuggets including this block on the tallest player in the NBA.

49. Jokic one-handed layup against the Raptors

It’s hard not to take Jokic for granted. On one hand, this is a ridiculous one-handed “water polo” scoop shot, on the move, in traffic that doesn’t even graze the rim as it falls gently through the cylinder. On the other hand, this is just classic Jokic type stuff. Probably not even in his top 10 plays of the year. Bonus points are awarded, however, for the fact that the shot comes off of a casual 4-5 pick and roll. This Nuggets team is so fun.

48. Thomas Welsh’s first three

It’s impossible to dislike big Tom. He’s the nicest, most positive person in the NBA and every time I’ve talked with him I walk away feeling like he genuinely was interested in the conversation. He’s such a great dude that Will Barton called him “my favorite person in the league.” That’s impressive stuff coming from “The People’s Champ.” Will loves everybody, but he loves Thomas Welsh a bit more than most. And you can tell based on his reaction to Welsh’s first NBA bucket. Whole squad was hyped for that one.

47. Von Miller swaps jerseys with Nikola Jokic

Von Miller owns Denver. No other athlete in the Mile High City has won at the level that he has, performed at the level that he has, or been as universally loved around town as he has. So when he turned into a Nikola Jokic fanboy earlier in January and asked for a jersey swap, it felt like an iconic Denver sports moment. The king blessing the hand of the prince. And you can tell there is a lot of genuine, mutual respect there.

46. Gary Harris got away with a foul and he knows it

Arguably the best GIF of the Denver Nuggets’ season. Gary Harris got away with a foul on Kevin Durant on a play that resulted in KD picking up a technical. But while KD was fuming, Garris gave this hilarious “I just got away with it” face. Double win, if you ask us.

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