It would appear that negotiations between the Denver Nuggets and forward Wilson Chandler have hit a sticking point. According to Marc Stein of ESPN and Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated, the Nuggets want a long-term deal or nothing as a one-year deal – for the rest of the 2011-12 season – would allow Chandler to test free agency this off-season as an unrestricted free agent. Thus giving him the freedom to sign with any team and the very real possibility of not returning to Denver. Where will things go from here? We back to asking, does Chandler want to be in Denver long-term?

You can read a summary of the Stein and Amick Tweets right here on

From Amick:

Two early-morning notes on Wilson Chandler.

  • 1) He’s expecting his clearance from the Chinese Basketball Association any day now.
  • 2) The most interesting revelation here is that he’s considering sitting out the season a
    nd testing restricted free agency again in summer.
  • Correction there: Wilson’s hand has been forced, as Denver wants long-term deal or nothing, according to his agent.
  • If Chandler signs only for the rest of the season, he would be unrestricted in the summer, which the Nuggets don’t want.

From Stein:

As for Raps’ interest in , TOR can currently offer multiyear deal starting at about $4.3M which Denver would match instantly

So word is Raps resigned to fact they can’t give “realistic” offer sheet to RFA Chandler unless they first make separate deal to shed salary

Chandler must land offer sheet from another team before March 1, if that’s route he prefers, or else he can only play w/Denver this season

But if Chandler is flirting w/Raps for leverage, as seems, it’s a bit late for that after his agent already stated intent to re-sign in DEN

Only three teams currently have needed cap space to test Denver’s Chandler resolve: Pacers ($14+ mil), Kings ($9+ mil) and Cavs ($7.1 mil)

Will Chandler wind up re-signing with the Nuggets long-term? Or will he sit the season out and test restricted free agency again? He doesn’t have too much time to decide, it’s Nuggets or bust after March 1st.