A quick hitter that the Nuggets have run only a couple of times this season, mostly after time outs is Weave Flare. This set is pretty basic, but is designed to get the defense moving and have some decoy action before a flare screen for a shooter.

The set starts off with weave action on the wing, very similar action to Fred Hoiberg "Pitch Series."

This action has been used by several NBA teams now, most notably Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics. Michael Malone is now using this action as a decoy to setup a flare screen for a guard to get an open shot.

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After the Weave action to set up the flare screen, this set is designed in "small ball" or a stretch 4 who can attack and be able to make this pass. In this case, the 4 man takes two hard dribbles and then throws to the corner for the flare screen to get an open shot.

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I hope Mike Malone utilizes this set and this weave/pitch action more throughout the season. Playing Danilo Gallinari at the 4 and running this action could cause problems for opponents trying to defend the Nuggets.

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