This week we will look at a great set the Nuggets ran in overtime against the Indiana Pacers after a time out. This set was pointed out to me on twitter by Joel Rush as a request and I liked it enough to make it this weeks set of the week.


This is the exact same set the San Antonio Spurs like to open up the game with every game, using Danny Green or Kawhi as the first ballscreener (the 3 position). Kenneth Faried is at the 4, Gallo is at the 3 and Jokic is on the wing as the 5-I will touch on this in a second. Faried is going to screen down for Gallo, or “Ram” screen for the terminology, and Gallo is going to sprint up for a ballscreen for Mudiay. Faried follows behind to set a stagger ballscreen and roll to the rim.

ato 1

During this action, Jokic occupies his defender to set a down screen for Gary Harris. This subtle action prevents his man from helping on the roll man.


Faried gets a wide open alley-oop dunk. This is because Gallo spaces the floor, and does not allow his defender to “Tag” the roll man, or bump and recover allowing the big to hedge and get back to Faried easier.


This is great action and is very difficult to guard. I really appreciate Joel pointing it out to me and that I can share it with you guys.