This week’s set of the week by the Denver Nuggets is a nice set that is designed to create an opportunity for Danilo Gallinari to take advantage of his size. Designed with a 1-3 (PG/SF) Pick and Roll on the wing and a stagger screen for a guard on the opposite side, this set is difficult for defenses to guard. First I want to break down the naming of the play, to avoid any confusion.

"Peel" is the action that Gallinari first uses as he starts behind the two players on the wing to sprint across into the ballscreen.

"2-Man" refers to the two man game that the point guard and the small forward play with each other on the wing after the initial Pick and Roll. Playing the two man game is very common in the NBA due to the defenses inability to help easily with the defensive 3 second rule.

"Sting" refers to the action the two men setting the stagger screen for the guard to come off of. Instead of waiting for the guard to come off, they fire down and seek his defender to try and get him open off the screen.

So, after knowing the set and why I named it this, we can break it down. The set initially starts with the 3, Danilo Gallinari peeling off of the bigs to set a pick and roll for the point guard on the wing. This action is initiated by the point guard dribbling at the wing pushing him to the other side of the floor.

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The 2-man game comes into play here, as Mudiay and Gallo can work in the pick and roll, post up Gallo, Mudiay can attack and work off each other. After the pick and roll Mudiay looks to Gallo on the slip, the stagger screen opposite. If neither of these options are open, then Gallinari has the option to continue off another stagger screen from the bigs.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this breakdown and are able to take away something form this series. I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far and look forward to continuing it. I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!