This week's set of the week is another Horns set, but this is a quick hitter the Nuggets ran at the beginning of a game vs the Phoenix Suns. I like opening sets and seeing how teams come out and approach each game, typically you can get some good sets and actions.

Horns Rip (Rip=Backscreen) is designed to get a backscreen for Faried into a dribble hand off for Gary Harris, playing to both of the players strengths. This is great action, used by the Warriors for Steph Curry, and I really like when coaches use their shooters to set backscreens.

The set begins in Horns formation with bigs at the elbows and guards in the corners and the ball is passed to the elbow and Mudiay cuts to strongside wing. After Mudiay clears, Gary Harris sets a backscreen for Faried to look to get a lob. After the backscreen, Harris comes off a dribble hand off in the middle to look to get a shot.

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In this situation the set execution is lousy, but the action itself is encouraging!