Last week we looked at a Horns set deigned for a Danilo Gallinari Pick and Roll, and this week's set is another horns set for Gallo. Designed with Gallinari at the 4 (my favorite position for him) to take advantage of his skillset with a mismatch.

There is two different ways that this set can be run, a Regular (common in the NBA) and an "Empty" version. The first one we will look is the standard, regular version designed to get a quick shot off a flare screen.

"Horns Flare-Regular"

-Starts at the 2:11 Mark of the Video

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It is not that complicated, 4 (Gallinari) sets a ballscreen for 1 and then comes off flare screen from 5. That is basic, and has been somewhat effective for the Nuggets. The biggest difference in the next version, is that 3 will empty the corner when 4 receives the flare screen.

"Horns Flare-Empty"

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This is a very effective set, and one of my favorite from the Nuggets this season. 1 attacks off ballscreen from 4 (Gallinari) and flows right into a dribble hand off to 2. As this action occurs, 3 empties out the weakside corner and cuts opposite, and 5 sets flare screen for 4. 2 passes to 4 (Gallinari) off the flare screen, one of the reasons I love flare screens as a coach.

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To get the ball to your most skilled player off a flare screen into an empty floor allows him to have his full arsenal of moves to attack. He catches with an unused dribble and likely his defender will be late on the catch and forced to closeout hard. This set allows Gallinari to attack effectively and is creative to create open shots.