The Denver Nuggets have struggled this season both to find offensive spacing and an offensive identity. Though it may seem like they do not know what they are running at times, in special situations when they need a basket Mike Malone is a very good coach. This week we will look at a quick hitter “Hammer” set to get a 3 point shot.

If you are unaware of what “Hammer” sets are, they are probably the most popular set in the NBA when teams need a basket-made famous by the San Antonio Spurs:

Note: if you want more Hammer examples, check them out here.

The general idea is to have a player attack the baseline like he is going to the rim and even leap out of bounds before making the baseline pass to the other player coming off a backscreen to the corner for a shot. It is great action and difficult for any team to guard.

The Nuggets, although down big, needed a score against the Golden State Warriors and Mike Malone delivered with an excellent Hammer set with multiple options. The set starts off with their 21 action (early offense that I will cover soon) that is designed for the point guard to receive a ballscreen from the 2 man and the 2 man receives a flare screen from the trailing big.

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After the 2 man clears, 5 then turns and sets a rescreen (also called Wiper, like a windshield wiper) for 2 who looks to get a shot. That is the first option, then 1 notices that 2 is not getting open so he attacks baseline toward the Hammer action and they free up 3 for an open corner 3.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this quick hitter and hopefully Mike Malone and his staff will keep drawing up great plays for quick hitters. Let's just hope the Nuggets are in a few games and Mike Malone can take advantage of his ability in special situations.