The Denver Nuggets have selected Vlatko Cancar from Slovenia with the 49th overall pick. Cancar will be this year’s draft and stash prospect in the same vein as Nikola Radicevic and Petr Cornelie who were drafted in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Cancar has botht eh same European agent as Nikola Jokic as well as also played for the same team in Europe (Mega Leks). HE profiles as a capable shooter and his length and energy give him significant upside on the defensive end.

Cancar is 20 years old so he has some time to still develop in Europe. If he follows the same path as Cornelie and Radicevic then Nuggets fans should expect him to be in attendance in Summer League, though no official word has been given by the team as to Cancar’s immediate plans. The benefit of the doubt though is due to this Nuggets front office, especially when it comes to European prospects. If Tim Connelly and Arturus Karnisovas can pull off another draft heist late in the second round then their reputation as Euro gurus will own grow.