After raging about the preview of the Denver Nuggets it is time to recognize when someone actually knows what they are talking about.  Kelly Dwyer over at Yahoo!'s Ball Don't Lie laid out exactly what you need to understand to accurately asses the Nuggets.  He explains something simple many NBA observers do not understand about the Nuggets and that is when drawing conclusions about a team, pace matters.

I certainly hope he is wrong with his predicted finish for the Nuggets, but the reasoning he uses to get there is sound and that is all anyone can ask for.  Without further delay let's have three cheers for KD and J.E. Skeets over at Ball Don't Lie.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to pookeyguru, one of the community pillars of the mindbogglingly stupendous blog Sactown Royalty, for alerting us to BDL’s preview.