The Golden State debacle didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know about the Nuggets. And that’s what’s so concerning. Mental weakness, “soft” play, disappointing performances from the starters—these trends continue to plague a team that looks more like a pretender than a true contender at the moment.

Too harsh? Maybe, but the Nuggets need some tough love, and The Dig is here to dish it out. The Nuggets’ fans who are frustrated by the lack of consistent effort, Coach Malone’s decision-making, and more of the same with the playoffs looming deserve to be heard. In this week’s episode, hosts Nick Hertzog and Jeremy Poley air out those feelings. Coach Malone takes the brunt of the criticism, but there are plenty of leftovers for Gary Harris, Jamal Murray, the Front Office, and even The Dig itself.

It’s all out of love, though — we promise.

The Dig is a weekly Denver Nuggets podcast hosted by Nick Hertzog and Jeremy Poley that attempts to put its finger on the pulse of the most dominant narrative each week. Sometimes, though, they have to say some painful things in the name of truth and honesty.

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