The Dig is a Denver Nuggets podcast by Nick Hertzog and Jeremy Poley that tries to put its fingers on the pulse of the most dominant Denver Nuggets narrative over every 2-week period. It started as a podcast looking for another podcast that will join it for a life full of adventure, philanthropy and lasting love. 25 other podcasts met The Dig on the same night. The Dig dated them over several weeks, narrowing them down to hopefully find its true love. In the end, all it found was #NuggLife.


At the end of a season long health crisis, The Nuggets found themselves in a losing rut as they worked to finally integrate all of their pieces together. But the rut was short-lived as they blew the doors open in the Minnesota game with a strict rotation and the mindset to already play like it’s the playoffs. Where does this leave them over the last 16 games and how far can they rise or fall?

This week’s theme is: Down to Business

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0:38 –

We dedicate the episode to (trying to) pronounce Nikola Jokic’s name correctly. The recent emphasis on pronouncing his first name correctly has made people forget that EVERYONE (not of the former Yugoslavia) is pronouncing his last name incorrectly.

3:24 – THE THEME

DOWN TO BUSINESS. Malone has stopped the experiments and, essentially, ended the regular season ball. Warp “playoffs”, engage!

6:35 – BUY OR SELL

  • Resting Jokic
  • Gary Harris getting his mojo back
  • Barton fitting in with the starters
  • Sitting IT/Lyles/Juancho

41:00ish – A NUGGETS HAIKU

41:30ish – OVER/UNDER

  •  19 pts/g for Murray by the end of the season
  • 9 wins to close out the year
  • 1 minute of game time for MPJ
  • .9 fan altercations for Westbrook