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While the crucible of the first series against San Antonio taught us that Jokic is a legitimate franchise cornerstone, this second series is producing some visions in its fire as well. Does Murray’s close attainment to offensive consistency prove he’s the dynastic second piece to the puzzle? Does the bench need to be completely reconfigured? Is a coexistence between Barton and Morris impossible? And who has the time machine to go back and get regular-season-Plumlee?

This week’s theme is: Further through the Crucible

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0:38 – Opening Jib-Jabber

5:30 – THE THEME

FURTHER THROUGH THE CRUCIBLE. Digging into what this series against Portland has taught us about our Nuggets.

15:15ish – FILL IN THE BLANK

  • _____ will be the reason the Nuggets win on Sunday.
  • _____ will be the reason the Nuggets lose on Sunday.
  • Win or lose on Sunday, this Nuggets’ season has been _____.

39:30ish – A NUGGETS HAIKU

40:00ish – BUY OR SELL

  • The Nuggets being a “sassy” team.

Step-by-step through the Curry vs. Barton scrap

  • 26 minutes or more for Will Barton in Game 7.
  • Monte Morris having 2 minutes in Game 6.

Is Morris’ trouble stemming from Barton’s playmaking?

  • The extra day of rest being better for the Nuggets.
  • The Pepsi Center feeling like a proper homecourt on Sunday.

1:07:00ish – OUTRO

Bailey’s Irish Cream vs. Coole Swan