In this week's Friday Summit episode of the Pickaxe Podcast, I am joined by Dev Johnson of Mile High Sports and Evan Fiala of Denver Stiffs. We talk about the major storylines around the team including the team's incredible rebounding, their record, their 4th quarter collapses, and what we'd give up for Paul George.

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Storylines (2:00)
Who was the standout player of the week?
What should the Nuggets record be right now?
Are you happy with where the team is at?
Which player did the Nuggets miss the most? Chandler, Barton, or Darrell?
What lineup would you close games with?

Either/Or (16:00)
Which loss hurt the most? DET or MEM?
Which win felt the best? MIN or BOS?
What is the more concerning stat? -15.7 NetRTG in 4th quarters, or 17.3% TOV%
What is the most encouraging stat? 54.9% REB% (1st) or 36.6 FTAr (1st)

Fun Stuff (24:30)
What personal item would you bring on an 11-day road trip?
If you were on an 11-game road trip, what thing from back home would you miss the most?
What is the most you’d be willing to give up in a trade for Paul George?
Which Nuggets player would make the best president?

Predictions (36:30)
How many games will the Nuggets win this week? DET, @POR, PHX
The Nuggets out-rebounded the Pistons by 1. Which team will have more rebounds?
What will we be talking about next week?
What is your bold prediction for the week?