Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the players on the Nuggets roster aren’t just basketball players, and that they have passions off the court as well.

Look at the Nuggets current roster – Kenneth Faried and Will Barton like fashion, Malik Beasley and Nikola Jokic like video games, and Jamal Murray … I don’t know, maybe he likes thinking about playing more basketball? That kid is crazy passionate about basketball!

For Petr Cornelie, the 53rd pick in the 2016 draft, one of his passions is photography. He has a knack for capturing amazing photos, and can get angles most people dream about with his 6’11” frame. Forget being able to make 3-pointers over smaller humans, that frame can also be used to get incredible photos from Antelope Canyon.

These are really great photos (are far as I can tell) and in the midst of all the craziness in life, sometimes it’s easy to forget how incredible the world around us is. These photos helped remind me of what’s really important, and hopefully they’ll be something meaningful to all of you as well.

From what I can tell (I don’t know Cornelie and can’t confirm) but it looks like he took a road trip with his significant other, his sister, and another friend. Check out the video that he and his friends put together. Be sure to go to his Instagram page to like and follow, there’s plenty more where these pictures came from.

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