Amidst the hooplah and celebrations of winning three straight home games, it might have been lost that the Denver Nuggets continued to give The Can (aka the Pepsi Center) a face lift. The latest addition was a new graphical layout to the hallway leading to the locker rooms. The mural showcases a very nice view of The Can from outside as well as reminder that you are a mile above sea level!

Always good to see the organization investing in updates to the arena. It seems they are taking a page out of the Colorado Rockies book by continuing to improve the venue for fans and players alike. Though Coors Field is actually one of the oldest ball parks in the National League (crazy, I know) it is consistently referred to as one of the best. Looks like the Kroenke's are trying to do the same thing with their arena. Kudos to them…now if they can just do something about that carpet.