In this episode, I am joined by’s Rob Mahoney who wrote an excellent article on the Denver Nuggets this week titled, “Denver is quietly building an offensive juggernaut.” Mahoney shares his thoughts on Paul Millsap as a player, his fit in Denver, and whether or not he alone can improve Denver’s defense. He also talks about the role of passing centers, potential road bumps along the way for the Denver Nuggets, and where they go from here. He touches on the Kyrie Irving dilemma and some of the issues and avenues of building a team around Nikola Jokic.

Lastly, we talk about the impact the new schedule might have on team offenses and defenses. Be sure to check out his article on the Nuggets and follow all of his work at He is among my favorite writers out there. He does an especially great job of tackling complex basketball ideas in a digestible and entertaining way. His columns are often a joy to read because of his incredible writing talent. He also hosts the breakaway podcast for SI which you can find right here.