Game Results

Dallas Mavericks 112, Denver Nuggets 92


Denver Nuggets 132, Portland Trail Blazers 120


Denver Nuggets 127, New York Knicks 114


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ESPN (Marc Stein)

Current: 19
Last week: 20

How much satisfaction did it give the Nuggets to drub the visiting Knicks in a game Carmelo Anthony had declared a must-win for the New Yorkers? How much satisfaction did it give Kenneth Faried to lead the way for Denver with 25 points just days removed from a surprising DNP-CD in Washington and a mere eight-minute stint in Dallas? Those are the easy questions in the Rocky Mountains, where what they really want to know is whether Mike Malone has finally found something after moving both Wilson Chandler and Nikola Jokic into the starting lineup. The Nuggets scored a combined 259 points in wins over the Blazers and Knicks since the changes, but those eruptions came against two bottom-five defenses.

NBA (John Schuhmann)

Current: 21
Last week: 24

Maybe the Nuggets' latest starting lineup – Emmanual Mudiay, Gary Harris, Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari and Nikola Jokic – is the one that will work. It was a plus-10 in its first two games (as a starting unit) together, two games that the Nuggets never trailed. They had eight guys in double-figures in Thursday's win over Portland and seven in Saturday's win over New York. The new rotation is smaller – with Jusuf Nurkic and Darrell Arthur seeing minimal minutes – and hasn't been very good defensively. So we'll see how it works against teams that don't rank in the bottom five in defensive efficiency themselves.

Sport’s Illustrated (Jeremy Woo)

Current: 20
Last week: 21

The Nuggets (and Kings) have a tiny window into eight-seed contention in the West, thanks largely to Portland’s struggles. One of those three teams might pull the Warriors in the first round. Hide your eyes.

CBS Sports (Matt Moore)

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Last week: 19

Every time you think they're in a terminal spiral, they respond. Every time you think they've turned a corner, they slam into a wall. I give up trying to figure this team out, but it should be noted that since getting Gary Harris back and changing the starting lineup, they are a whole new team.

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