Game Results

Golden State Warriors 127, Denver Nuggets 119


Sacramento Kings 120, Denver Nuggets 113


San Antonio Spurs 127, Denver Nuggets 99


Oklahoma City Thunder 121, Denver Nuggets 106


Power Rankings

ESPN (Marc Stein)

Current: 21
Lasts week: 19

Mike Malone publicly and privately apologized to his veterans for calling out his team for a lack of leadership in a recent loss to Sacramento that dropped Malone to 0-4 against his previous employers since parting ways with the Kings in December 2014. Malone's issues with the Nuggets' defense, by contrast, are unlikely to be recanted after a five-game stretch in which they've allowed 124, 127, 120, 127 and 121 points. The momentum generated by a recent 5-2 stretch and the solid December numbers that came from Nikola Jokic (17.0 PPG and 8.9 RPG on crazy 67.5-percent shooting last month) apparently didn't make the trip with the Nuggets into 2017.

NBA (John Schuhmann)

Current: 23
Last week: 21

The Nuggets are taking a five-game losing streak to London, having allowed 121 points per 100 possessions over the five games to fall to No. 30 in defensive efficiency. Losses to the Thunder Warriors, Spurs and Thunder last week dropped them to 4-14 against teams that are currently at or above .500, and the only win against that group since Thanksgiving was against a Clippers team missing Chris Paul, J.J. Redick and Blake Griffin. They'll have to figure out those good teams if they want to make the playoffs because only one West team – Philadelphia and Sacramento – has more games left against them.

Sport’s Illustrated (Jeremy Woo)

Current: 25
Last week: 18

The Nuggets are backsliding hard, but they’re scoring a lot of points: they’re just outside the top 10 in offensive efficiency, fifth in pace and a surprising fifth in scoring. I think Mike Malone has the right idea, and Denver has to look long-term. But at some point, they’ll need to figure out the defensive problem.

CBS Sports (Matt Moore)

Current: 26
Last week: 20

Denver is 3-7 in 3-point games, and those losses range from the Raptors and Thunder to the Sixers. At some point they really need to shake up the veterans on the roster. Denver's had the same problem with no-showing against bad teams for four seasons across four coaches.


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