Game Results

Denver Nuggets 103, Utah Jazz 93


Denver Nuggets 127, Phoenix Suns 120


Denver Nuggets 123, Phoenix Suns 112


Power Rankings

ESPN (Marc Stein)

Current: 14
Last week: 16

Why did we dare suggest last week that the All-Star Game in New Orleans might be the last one for a while that doesn't feature the Nuggets' Nikola Jokic? Check this out: Our man Micah Adams points out that Jokic is averaging better than 23 PPG, 10 RPG and 5 APG since Christmas while shooter above 60 percent from the field in that span, ‎As a result, Jokic leads the league with a Player Efficiency Rating of 33.3 since Christmas, ahead of Kawhi Leonard (31.7), Isaiah Thomas (30.0), James Harden (29.7), Kevin Durant (29.2) and Russell Westbrook (28.2). No wonder the Nuggets — at least until Jokic's hip tweak late last week — suddenly look as credible as anyone in ‎the "race" for the No. 8 spot in the West featuring a slew of sub-.500 teams.

NBA (John Schuhmann)

Current: 14
Last week: 18

The Nuggets were able to hold onto eighth place and win for the seventh time in nine games despite Nikola Jokic's absence in Phoenix on Saturday. The difference between the Nuggets' offense that ranked 18th through Dec. 14 and the one that has led the league since Dec. 15 (when Jokic was moved back into the starting lineup) has been better shooting from every area on the floor, but also an ability to cut down on turnovers while increasing their assist rate. That No. 1 offense of the last 6 1/2 weeks will face a couple of top five defenses – Memphis and San Antonio – this week.

Sport’s Illustrated (Jeremy Woo)

Current: 14
Last week: 17

Winners of seven in nine games, the Nuggets are achieving their destiny of stumbling upward into the No. 8 seed and giving us a weirdly entertaining but one-sided playoff series with the Warriors.

CBS Sports (Matt Moore)

Current: 13
Last week: 24

Nikola Jokic may be the best passing big man in the NBA. I've been using the weak "one of" qualifier for him, but really, he makes passes no other big even thinks to make, including some that his teammates aren't even expecting. They are one trade of a veteran for multiple defenders away from reaching .500 and securing the 8th seed, but their schedule gets vicious the next two weeks.


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