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Denver Nuggets 140, Indiana Pacers 112


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ESPN (Marc Stein)

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I agree with Mike Malone. The Nuggets should move to London … and take me with them. The trouble, of course, is what's been happening everywhere else they play; Denver awoke Sunday ranked No. 1 in rebounding (grabbing 54 percent of available boards) but No. 29 in defensive efficiency. According to ESPN research ace Micah Adams, no NBA team has managed to lead the league in rebounding and rank outside the top 20 in both DE and PPG allowed since the (gulp) 1983-84 San Diego Clippers. All those transition points they surrender off turnovers are a killer. It also doesn't help that the Nuggets are tied for last in a prime stat that reflects activity (only 13.3 deflections per game) and sit in the bottom 10 defending the 3-point line.

NBA (John Schuhmann)

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The Nuggets needed to go to London to end their five-game losing streak, but they did it in impressive fashion. Nikola Jokic looked at home on the other side of the pond and has averaged 20.7 points, 9.3 rebounds and 5.9 assists over his last seven games. His passing provides most of the highlights, but his scoring has been remarkably efficient for a 21 year old who leads his team in usage rate over the last 15 games. Among 219 players who have taken at least 200 shots this season, Jokic ranks seventh in effective field goal percentage and fifth in true shooting percentage. The Nuggets now pay the price for their travel abroad, with a five-game week and five back-to-backs between now and the All-Star break.

Sport’s Illustrated (Jeremy Woo)

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In the NBA’s other international swing, Denver hung a season-high 140 points on the Pacers in London, snapping a five-game losing streak. The Nuggets hold the belt as the NBA’s only undefeated team in England. I am pushing for a quip about all their European players, or at least a Brexit joke, but I got nothing.

CBS Sports (Matt Moore)

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The coded comments from Denver after its dominant win in London were kind of hilarious. "See what happens when our home crowd is made up of living beings who do this thing called 'cheering?'" is basically the gist.


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