We made it! It feels amazing to be back in basketball season once again, and even more so because the Denver Nuggets play the first of eight preseason games starting tonight against the Toronto Raptors. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Adam’s preview of the game, featuring the top 10 story lines heading into the preseason.

Chris Dempsey's coverage of training camp

The start of preseason action also means that the Nuggets have wrapped up training camp in Omaha, Nebraska. For whatever reason, training camp coverage was pretty lackluster by the Nuggets this year but there was still some great content and insights put out by other members of the local media. Chris Dempsey in particular did an excellent job of keeping the Nuggets community up to date, often posting several articles per day regarding the practices and roster. Here are some of the highlights he put out over the week:

Beasley's ties to Omaha, Nebraska

The Omaha World-Herald put out a piece about Malik Beasley and the his personal ties to the city. Beasley’s father is from Omaha and his grandfather still lives in the area.

During his free time this week Beasley visited the Boy’s and Girl’s Club and even put on a dunk show for the kids:

Profile on Will Barton

Paul Klee of the Colorado Springs Gazette wrote about Will Barton regarding his childhood in Baltimore, his role on the Nuggets this year and what he thinks of the three rookies on the roster. Really good piece.

Nikola Jokic's hilarious interview with Altitude radio

Nikola Jokic made an appearance on Altitude Sports Radio to clarify what he prefers his nickname to be, among other items of discussion:

BBallBreakdown asks if the Nuggets are a sleeper team of the future

BBALLBREAKDOWN put up a great video discussing how the Nuggets will rely on Nikola Jokic and Emmanuel Mudiay this season, and how these two will set the Nuggets ceiling. Watch the video below, and check out some written analysis from earlier this summer here.

Full roster analysis by Kevin Pelton

For those of you with access to ESPN Insider, Kevin Pelton put out player analysis for the entire Nuggets roster. It’s a pretty good summary and goes into detail on everyone who was at training camp, definitely worth checking out if possible.

The Nuggets are this year's hipster team

James Herbert of CBS Sports thinks that the Nuggets could be this year’s “hipster” team, reminiscent of last year’s Portland Trail Blazers and the 2014-15 Milwaukee Bucks. Herbert cites the emergence of Nikola Jokic, the depth on the bench and other underrated players as the keys for Denver’s success this year.

Jamal Murray's odds at rookie of the year

An article on Forbes makes an argument for other Rookie of the Year candidates now that Ben Simmons is projected to miss some time with a foot injury. Included in the list is Jamal Murray, who according to the author has a decent shot at winning:

He might be the co-favorite with Hield to take advantage of Simmons’ absence. Along with Hield, Murray is considered one of the elite shooters to come into the league this season from the college ranks. Taken at No. 7 overall, he’ll be a welcome addition to the Nuggets, who are in search of a starting shooting guard to pair with last year’s exciting rookie playmaker, Emmanuel Mudiay. Murray is considered a gym rat who is solely focused on getting better at his craft. That’s good for his long-term development, but as for the now he’s only 19 and played one season at Kentucky.

Interestingly, the author eliminates Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram from consideration due to lack of playing time off the bench, even though Murray will fall into the same category.

Item of the Week

I think we all know what it’s going to be…

That’s right, ex-Nuggets coach George Karl has written a book about his coaching adventures in his 35 years in the league! And yes, the subtitle actually says “My Forty Years Surviving NBA Divas, Clueless GMs, and Poor Shot Selection.” There are several Nuggets alone coached by Karl that could fit into one of those categories. Zach Lowe definitely has it right – it looks like an interesting read for sure.

Unfortunately, us common folk will have to wait until January 10 to read it when the book hits the shelves. Until then, we’ll just have to watch actual basketball. Sigh.