Does anyone remember that creepy movie from 2002 called The Ring? One of the most famous scenes from the movie is after the protagonist watches a supposedly cursed videotape and then receives a chilling phone call foretelling her imminent death. On the other end of the line is a quiet voice that eerily whispers two words:

Well Nuggets fans, this is your (less creepy and more exciting) phone call: seven days. In just seven days from now, the Denver Nuggets season will officially start. Next Monday, September 26, is Media Day, and from there the team will move right into training camp, preseason games, and the much anticipated regular season. Bring it on! Seven days!

Seven days from now is also significant because it will mean that the Nuggets can finally show what kind of a team they really are. As you can imagine, a large majority of all the news around the web these days consists of very loose analysis and predictions of how each team is going to perform in 2016-17. But seven days from now, when the season unofficially begins, all of these predictions can be thrown out of the window. All that will matter is what actually happens on the court.

With that, let’s get on to some Nuggets items from around the internet.

Eric Pincus and Oliver Mahoney from Basketball Insiders recorded a podcast to preview the Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets. The two spoke highly of the Nuggets’ rebuilding process and the young talent acquired in the draft over the past few years and what the team’s ceiling is this upcoming season. Additionally, they considered the trade options available to Denver in order to reach the salary floor. Nuggets talk begins at about 17:20 of the episode:

Welcome to Loud City, the SB Nation blog for the Oklahoma City Thunder, issued a preview of the Nuggets’ upcoming season. Ultimately, WtLC predicts Denver to finish last in the Northwest Division with the same record as 2015-16 at 33-49.

Bleacher Report has put out a comprehensive preview of this season, including offseason analysis, rotation projections, players to watch and record predictions. For this preview, the prediction is a 40-42 record, fifth in the division and no playoff berth.

NBC Sports’ preview of the Nuggets focused primarily on whether the young core can breakout this year while still having solid production from the veterans:

Will the Nuggets young core come of age in time to meld with those veterans and form a team that is a threat not only to make the playoffs but do some damage?Or should Denver’s front office be shopping those veterans and going all-in with the youth movement?Based on their actions, Denver’s management already has an answer — they have looked for trades. However, they aren’t going to just give those veterans away, either.

Today’s Fastbreak also took a look at the challenge Michael Malone will have of juggling such a young roster with a veteran presence.

Additionally, Today’s Fastbreak published a piece entitled “Darrell Arthur is one of the most underrated players in the NBA.” The article looks at the value of Arthur’s recently signed contract and the production he brings to the floor, particularly on defense. Pretty interesting stuff, as it’s nice for players like Arthur to get some attention elsewhere.

This is a few weeks old but ex-coach George Karl appeared on Altitude Sports Radio to chat with Vic and Kyle earlier in the month. Karl shared his thoughts on other Nuggets coaching legend Doug Moe, his desire to get back into basketball and his opinion on Kevin Durant leaving to the Golden State Warriors:

Finally, let’s start off the week with some fun. Juancho Hernangomez posted a video of what appears to be him surprising his mother at DIA (if anyone speaks Spanish and can corroborate that, please do so below!):


A video posted by Juancho Hernangomez Geuer (@juanchiviris41) on

Later, the Nuggets twitter account posed a photo of Juancho with his mom and head coach Michael Malone at a Colorado Rockies game:

Pretty cool to see Malone building such personal relationships with the young players. And it’s great to see Hernangomez enjoy Denver so much already.

I really can’t wait for the season to start. See you all in seven days!