In this week’s episode of “The Chick N’ Nuggets Podcast” with Jena Garcia, Jena and Reilly are joined by BookIt Sports host Olivia Moody to talk betting in the NBA. Olivia shared her own journey into sports and gives three tips for betting in the NBA. With news breaking in the middle of recording that Jamal Murray would not be playing in Tuesday’s Kings game, Olivia shares some real time betting advice and an explanation for how the line moves throughout a game and how it effects the betting world.

Turns out, the Kings game was a great one to bet. The lines moved in both directions throughout the game and the favored team, the Nuggets, ended up losing.

The girls also gave each of the Nuggets players a New Year’s Resolution for 2021. In the segment there are jokes and tons of funny resolutions backed by basketball knowledge to defend each argument. After a second loss to the Kings, I’d say some of these resolutions could just be solutions to the Nuggets early season woes.