Malik Beasley was selected with the 19th overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft by the Denver Nuggets, becoming the first Florida State Seminole selected in the lottery since Al Thornton in 2007.

The 6-foot-5 wing had surgery after the season for a stress fracture in his right leg, having a metal rod inserted to help him deal with the injury. The Georgia native entered the draft after one season, and should be an exciting part of the Nuggets future. Here are five things to know about one of the newest Nuggets.

His grandpa was in Rudy

Malik's grandpa, John Beasley, is quite the thespian. He played The Rock's father in "Walking Tall," a general in "Sum of All Fears," and was Coach Warren in "Rudy." Malik's father, Michael, is an actor himself, with a recurring role in "Bloodline."

If Nuggets players break huddles with a "This one's for Rudy" chant, I will die.

Beasley's jumper is sweet as candy

Beasley was quite the sharpshooter for the Seminoles. Before a slump in February, Beasley was the only guard in the country with a per 40 minutes average of more than 20 points while shooting 55 percent on field goal attempts and 40 percent on 3-point attempts.

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What I like about his shot chart is his ability to knock down jumpers from the top of the key and the right corner. The Nuggets have a big man that can kick the ball out from the post and a point guard that can thread passes to the corner – now they have another guy that can light up the scoreboard from distance.

He has a great work ethic

Beasley worked through an injury to finish the season out, choosing to have surgery in the offseason. His high school coach at Alpharetta St. Francis High in Georgia, Drew Catlett, praised Beasley for his desire to improve.

"He may be the hardest worker I've had in 30 years," Catlett said. "He would bring an assistant [coach] with him to the gym and make 500 shots in the afternoon as a senior."

After a tough February, Beasley finished the season strong, shooting 49.5 percent from the field to end with a 47 percent mark on the season. While he wasn't the biggest fish in the pond at Florida State, he put in the effort to be an impact player.

He's amibitious

Every player has a professional they look to pattern their game after. When asked which player he tries to model his game after, Beasley didn't single out one player.

"I look up to everybody. LeBron James for his physical ability, Kobe Bryant for his mental game, Chris Paul for his handles, Stephen Curry for his shot, and Michael Jordan for his overall game!"

Alright, young fella, that's a pretty elite group. Being as good as one of those players would be a huge win for the Nuggets.

He's Brandon Ingram's father

Not biologically, of course, that's impossible. But after a massive dunk during ACC play, the rules of the game dictate that Ingram has to bring him Hi-C juice boxes and orange slices during halftime when they play each other. It's in the official unwritten rules of basketball.

Get in his poster!