The Denver Nuggets selected Michael Porter Jr. with the 14th pick in this year’s draft and it surprised everyone, including Michael Porter Jr. Shortly after being drafted, Porter Jr. was asked by Yahoo Sports’ Krysten Peek about being selected by the Nuggets.

“Honestly? This is the first time…today was the first time I talked to anybody on the Nuggets.”

Peek’s face when he mentions that is priceless.

While extremely unconventional (and maybe even concerning?), it’s also sort of fitting. Everything about Porter Jr.’s NBA draft stock has been strange. Just a few days ago, there were rumors circulating that the Sacramento Kings were interested in taking Porter Jr. with the 2nd overall pick. That he fell to 14 was a surprise to most analysts and reporters around the league. So the fact that Denver hasn’t had the opportunity to vet their young prospect is a little less surprising.

“We were really excited about getting the 14th pick and getting Michael Porter Jr.,” said Calvin Booth, Denver’s assistant general manager. “I mean, coming into this process we would’ve never thought Michael that Michael would have been there at this point in the draft. To come up with him is unbelievable.”

Porter Jr. didn’t workout for the Nuggets leading up to the draft but Nuggets scouts were in attendance for his workout in Chicago, according to Booth. “We had a couple of scouts there. He went though the paces, he looked good, he looked healthy, he shot the ball well according to reports and we have been able to watch him for awhile because he has been on the scene since 9th grade.”

Porter Jr. did mention that he had some familiarity with Jamal Murray and Gary Harris and, although he struggled to pronounce his name, was familiar with the smooth passing of Nikola Jokic. But it appears that for both the player and the organization, this is a partnership that is starting from scratch.