The Denver Nuggets aren't done talking contract extensions and this time they are targeting talented 26 year-old Danilo Gallinari, according to Christopher "Don't Call me Chris" Dempsey of the Denver Post.

LAS VEGAS — Wilson Chandler's contract extension could be just the beginning for the Nuggets. If they have their way, they'd like to open talks on an extension for Danilo Gallinari as well, according to a league source.

Gallinari is heading into the final year of his contract, which is scheduled to pay him $11.5 million. He'll be an unrestricted free agent next summer.

Gallinari always has been viewed as an important piece of the Nuggets re-tooling — now rebuilding — effort, ever since he was traded to Denver from New York in 2011 in the Carmelo Anthony deal. When he's been on the court he's shown why.

After locking up Wilson Chandler, it only makes sense to get Gallo back on the books, as the two are key pieces for the franchise moving forward. Say what you want about their injury history, but you cannot predict those things and it would be nice to see both guys, who are very close, play out more of their career in Denver. In a perfect world, which sports rarely are, the two would finish their careers in Denver; as part of a new core with Emmanuel Mudiay, Jusuf Nurkic, Kenneth Faried, Gary Harris, Nikola Jokic, and more.

There might be a little incentive for Gallo to sign an extension now, but if he has a big season he could command a lot of money. It'll be interesting to see if the two sides can come to an agreement.

Make no bones about it, the news of an extension would make Jeff Morton, the King of Thornton, very pleased and I would be as well. Let's see how it progresses.