Adidas has been planning to re-release Dikembe Mutombo’s old shoes and it appears they are now available. Here are a couple pictures from Deke’s Instagram account:

A mainly black shoe with some red velcro straps and the Mutombo logo on the tongue. Not a bad looking shoe, but I'm also not a big fan of these. How much do these things weigh? Over 100 pounds? Maybe Dikembe could have won more rebounding titles if these bad boys weren't weighing him down. I'm joking of course. But the question remains … will you be picking a pair of these up?

What other Denver Nuggets players have shoes out there? Carmelo Anthony had a shoe deal, but what current player deserves the next shoe deal and what designs would you like to see? How has Ty Lawson not had his own shoe come out?

Shoe companies need to get the ball rolling for Lawson or Danilo Gallinari or Kenneth Faried.

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