The NBA has been doing global outreach for a while now, and many of your Denver Nuggets haven’t been shy about going to every corner of the globe. Just recently Danilo Gallinari was in Beijing earlier this month for NBA Cares, Malik Beasley also spent time in China running the Asia Pacific Team Camp with other NBA players, and Kenneth Faried has been in India. Sports Illustrated got a Q&A with Faried about his experiences in India, being mistaken for a cricket player, and here about his love of local cuisine:

RN: Have you tried any Indian food?

KF: What?! That’s all I’ve eaten. I love Indian food. I love different cultures of food. And especially what India has. Y’all cook curry like no other. I love spicy food. I’ll just be adding extra spices to make it even more hot. They’ll add something to make it hotter and I’ll be like, “Yes! I love this. This is amazing.” Because it tastes good. It’s not hot to the point where your mouth is burning and your throat hurts and you can’t breathe. It’s hot but flavorful hot and I love it. 

His appreciation of the Taj Mahal as a Muslim man is also a good read. Check it out!