One of the biggest questions heading into the season has been how longtime power forward Kenneth Faried will fit into the rotation now that Paul Millsap is on board. At media day, the Manimal opened up about where he thinks he belongs on the team.

Earlier today head coach Michael Malone announced that Millsap would indeed be the starting power forward for the Nuggets, pushing the back from his accustomed starting role where he exceled with Nikola Jokic last season. In addition, Malone mentioned he would like to get minutes at the four from both Wilson Chandler and sophomore Juancho Hernangomez, who would obviously fill in for Millsap with backup minutes. Malone was also specific on how he wanted to trim down to a nine-man rotation this season, which means that some players who probably deserve minutes will likely not get them.

Unfortunately for Faried, based on these contexts alone it looks like it will be tough for him to get significant playing time, let alone a spot in the starting rotation.

However, Faried did acknowledge he knows the situation the team is in and that he still intends to show he’s a high caliber player for the Nuggets.

Stay tuned for audio from the Kenneth Faried media day interview.