Being a blogger, I keep my ear to the internet "grindstone" so to speak.

I've seen tweets that the "Harlem Shake" has been for 15+ years and I've heard people say that what is being done now does not resemble the original dance. For weeks, I avoided seeing too many of these videos. One night I decided to spend about an hour watching YouTube stuff before I fell asleep. One thing led to another and I began watching Harlem Shake videos in a fashion that can only be described as FAST AND FURIOUS!

I saw a swim team underwater do a little dance, I saw some soldiers dancing instead of fighting, an office turn into a mess and numerous dorm rooms become recording studios. Recently we’ve seen the Toronto Raptors make a “Shake” video along with the Miami Heat.

Where would you rank this Nuggets video? Can you name the players and the costumes they are wearing?

(No matter where you stand on the whole "Harlem Shake" craze – you have to admit that people teaming up on the web to create a large sweeping trend is a pretty cool thing. Just imagine what we good people could do if they put their powers to actual use!)

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