We’ve begged and begged. We’ve shouted from the rooftops, plotted underground. From the highest mountains to the deepest valleys, Denver Nuggets fans have asked for one thing above all else: bring back the rainbow skylines. Finally, after a quarter century, the Nuggets (and Nike) have listened.

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The new skyline jersey isn’t an exact remake of the classic rainbow jersey of the 1980’s but rather a sort of evolution of the design. The original rainbow skyline was made of multi-colored blocks which represented the “vibrancy and growth” of the city of Denver in that decade. That theme works even better some 36 years later as Denver has grown even more vibrant, consistently ranking as one of the best cities in America.

Another one of the themes for the Nuggets over the last couple of seasons has been tying to tie the team’s past to their future, drawing a line between the many eras of Nuggets basketball. In that way, the new look of this classic design fits right in line with that theme. Thin horizontal lines make up the rainbow skyline and wrap all the way around the body of the jersey and those same lines form a rainbow patch on the shorts.

Elesban “Benny” Montoya, a Sr. Graphic Designer at NIKE was the project lead for NIKE. He worked with Denver Nuggets team officials to come up with the design. The team will wear them for 7 games this season, all home games, and will bring a Nuggets alumni player back for each of those 7 games. They will also be available for purchase at Altitude Authentics on November 8th.

Rainbow Skyline Schedule

Tuesday, November 13th – Houston Rockets
Tuesday, November 27th – LA Lakers
Sunday, Jan. 13 – Portland Trailblazers 
Saturday, Jan. 19 – vs Cleveland Cavaliers
Saturday, March 2 – vs New Orleans Pelicans
Saturday, March 16 – vs Indiana Pacers
Wednesday, April 10 – vs Minnesota Timberwolves

All in all though, I have to say I’m a huge fan and I think Nuggets fans and NBA fans will agree. It would’ve felt strange had the team just gone to a true throwback since it would’ve felt more like wearing the costume of an old team than moving the brand forward. These jerseys, along with the MILE HIGH CITY “statement” jersey, are going to be fan favorites and will go a long way toward preserving this era of Nuggets basketball in it’s own style.

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