There has been nary a whisper of news regarding free agents out of the Pepsi Center, as the Denver Nuggets have yet to enter into the free agency waters to test the market.

As detailed in a superb piece earlier, the Nuggets have about $27 million in cap space for the upcoming season, and could have around $35 million in cap space for the 2017-18 season, according to current contract obligations. That's about enough space for one max contract this offseason.

The Nuggets haven't been included in any rumors for Wade, and it's unlikely that Wade would consider coming to Denver. If the Nuggets get in the market for Wade they'd be extending a max offer to a 34-year-old shooting guard who has made 45 3-pointers over the last three seasons, has seen his minutes per game decline each year for the last six seasons, and has dealt with injuries his entire career.

But it would also be a huge sign to the rest of the league that the Nuggets are a team to take seriously. It would add a lot of credibility to the front office in the eyes of agents around the league. Wade would likely also be a huge selling point to fans that management is willing to spend to attract players that have found success at the highest level.

Wade is looking for a three-year contract, according to a report in May by the Miami Herald. I admittedly don't know enough about the salary cap to project a dollar amount Wade would get in an offer, but I expect he would be offered the maximum value possible under the CBA.

Having Wade would only increase the logjam at shooting guard for the Nuggets, but they'd have the depth to pace him during the season and help prevent injuries. If they are serious about making the playoffs, he'd be quite a "break glass in case of playoff series" piece to use in the postseason, having built a reputation as a successful playoff player.

It's more than likely to be nothing (like 98 percent nothing) but it is something I'm curious to see what Nuggets fans opinion is on Wade.

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