The Denver Nuggets are celebrating their 50th season as a franchise this year. Their history is storied, with highs and lows all throughout. To commemorate that history, the Nuggets will be utilizing a new hardwood floor plan for the Pepsi Center, captured in a sneak peak by new Denver Post Nuggets reporter Gina Mizell.

Looking at it briefly today, the large 50th anniversary image utilized by the Denver Nuggets social media accounts seems to be the primary image at center court. This is a distinct change from the primary logo the Nuggets have used in recent years with the large lettering. The two-toned pickaxes will be making their return, but the rest of the court is not yet defined.

If you want to look at a full-concept look at Denver’s court in NBA 2K18 you can get a better idea of the entire court, but the eventual unveiling of the real-life floor designs will be a little more clear.

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