It’s a big summer for Emmanuel Mudiay. There have already been rumors that the Denver Nuggets have tried to trade him, and while that may have been an isolated situation he still has a lot of questions to answer. He lost both his starting role and the backup point guard role to a 35 year old veteran and a 19 year old rookie respectively. Fixing his shot, finishing at the rim and improving his handle are big keys to his future success in the NBA, not just in Denver, and that doesn’t include his defensive issues. Jameer Nelson and Jamal Murray are not the obstacles truly standing in his way for regaining a starting spot.

But he’s still incredibly young as a point guard and success requires stages and building blocks. If he can lay a couple of those blocks during these summer months his future will look much brighter. has a video of clips from a pickup game with Mudiay and some other talents in Texas, in which Mudiay shows off some of the work that he’s done on his body and on his shot so far.

Beating up on non-NBAers in a pick-up game isn’t the greatest benchmark for success, but you can at least compare his handle and shot to how he ended last year and make your own conclusions. Take a look!

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