The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here!!!

Well, close enough. The new D-Day is here!

It’s finally NBA Draft Day 2016, Nuggets Nation, and we’ve been a bit draft-batty around these parts. 64 draft-related articles on Denver Stiffs since May Day, building in rabidity until we find ourselves on the big day. Who comes to the Denver Nuggets with the seventh pick tonight? What will be happening in Denver’s War Room? NBA TV’s Stu Jackson had a great quote about his draft night experiences in his chat with Denver Stiffs this week:

"Look, if you're not excited on draft night, you don't have a pulse. It's always an exciting night for everyone: the owner, the president, the GM, the coaches, and the organization because it's a night of hope. It's anticipation of what you could potentially add to your team. That being said, if you look through the history of the draft, the number of All-Stars that come out of the first round of each draft averages around the four-to-five range. There aren't very many. But you have an opportunity as a franchise to potentially pick one. You don't always know who it's going to be, but coming out of draft night, it's just a great night of hope and excitement."

Hope and excitement. Items that have been in short supply the last few seasons, but seem to be making more frequent appearances for Nuggets fans. If the team hangs on to that seventh pick, there ought to be a fairly appealing player still left in the mix, and hopefully one that gels well with an already-young core.

Though I'm sure the team is busy throughout today in ways I can barely imagine, for the most part, much of the work is done. The players have been seen, worked out, and interviewed. The scenarios have been played out every possible way. The teams that will take our calls are familiar with what we have on the table and are interested in. For the well prepared, today is a day of reaction to opportunity. A chance to be very skillful and equally as lucky in possibly altering the arc of your franchise to the better.

Nuggets GM Tim Connelly has proven adept in the draft in his brief time with Denver, and hopefully that pattern continues for he and the front office. How many irons are resting in Connelly's fire today, pre-draft? Who's calling us today to get something done?

And since you're currently reading draft article number 65… or maybe 75 by the end of the day. 85? How you will you be partaking in the draft tonight, Nuggets Nation? Will you get to Stiffs Night Out? Will you be peeking on your work computer? Sitting at a party? Sadly missing the whole damned thing? It's D-Day, Nuggets Nation. Who's the new Nugget(s) tonight?


Join your fellow Stiffs as we find out what the Nuggets will do with their THREE first round selections during the 2016 NBA Draft. We will gather at our home bar Jake’s Sports & Spirits (3800 Walnut Street) around 5:30pm and Jake’s will extend happy hour drink prices for us all draft long. And we’ll play Denver Nuggets draft trivia for prizes, including individual game tickets during the 2016-17 season. We hope to see you there!


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