As more and more people in the United States test positive for COVID-19, the Denver Nuggets are the latest organization where a member has tested positive for the disease.

It would be irresponsible at this time to recklessly speculate which member of the organization has tested positive. The report doesn’t name the individual or their role with the organization. Denver Stiffs will not report rumors until they are confirmed by trustworthy members of the media, by the team, the league, or the players association.

Please remember to practice social distancing, stay inside and away from others if you start feeling sick, and for the love of God, stop hoarding essential supplies. If you know anyone hoarding supplies, please talk to them and try to get them to reconsider. Prioritize helping the elderly among us, those with young children, and for those with teens, send them whatever help you think they need. If you’re a single young adult, be responsible.

To end with something positive, here are some Jokic highlights.