Coach Michael Malone addressed the media in the hallway outside of the CU Boulder practice center where the Denver Nuggets are hosting their preseason training camp. He spoke for over ten minutes on a wide range of topics including the outstanding play of Tyler Lydon thus far. It’s only been two days but Malone said that Lydon looks completely different than he did in summer league, citing terrific shooting and defense as the main highlights for him. Apparently Lydon has been in the Pepsi Center gym for a month. Prior to that he was working with professional trainers to enter camp as prepared and as ready for NBA level basketball as possible.

He also talked about how everyone on the team entered camp in great shape.

“Back in the day guys came into camp to get into shape. You can’t do that anymore. You have to come into camp in good shape and use camp to get into great shape. I think a lot of our guys have used this summer to be in the best shape they can be.”

Apparently some of the new members of the coaching staff are surprised at how quiet everyone on the roster is. “We have a very polite group that doesn’t talk much.” He added that it was a personality thing, not an issue or a concern it just seems that the team doesn’t have the typical loud voices that most teams have.

Check out Malone’s full comments below.