Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone had an interview with Altitude Sports 950 AM today. He covered a few topics in his 16 minutes: how he’s not really up for watching the playoffs at the moment (but is recording them for later), how Jokic really needed some time off after nearly 2 years of going through the whole 12 months with no summer breaks, and how Jamal Murray is a warrior.

He’s still complaining about Denver’s defense (aren’t we all) but if Jokic comes back in better shape and the Nuggets add a defensive FA and draft piece, those things might be mitigated next year. He also brought up Malik Beasley and his defensive effort, which might work well in tandem with either Gary Harris or Murray, as well as how Murray’s defense might have been limited by that sports hernia.

He also included Will Barton when talking about the team’s young core – I’m not sure that’s anything more than a courtesy in case Barton is retained this summer, but it could be an interesting glimpse into their feelings about The Thrill. Barton has been a great addition to this team and his work ethic alone gives the young guys something to chase.

The interview’s about 16 minutes long, so check it out!