As of midnight July 1 NBA free agency has been in full swing and it has been CRAZY as high profile players have signed with new teams and a one-sided trade brought Paul George to the Oklahoma City Thunder. No reporter has been more busy than the infamous Adrian Wojnarowski, now of ESPN, who was in the middle of his debut on SportsCenter to chronicle the madness of free agency when this happened:

What we know: Apparently the Nuggets front office tried to FaceTime Woj, but was ultimately rejected by Scott Van Pelt on live television.

What we don’t know: Pretty much anything else. Were the Nuggets trying to reach Woj to report some news? Was it a butt dial? The Nuggets have been linked to George Hill and Paul Millsap throughout the night, and as far as we know they have been one of just a few teams to reach out to him. It could be Denver was reaching out to report that they had made contact with Hill’s party.

Or, it simply could have been an accident. Maybe the Nuggets were trying to send him a text message but slipped and hit the FaceTime button instead. Maybe they forgot to pay their cable bill and simply wanted to watch SportsCenter live from Woj’s point of view.

No comment has been made by the Nuggets regarding the mysterious phone call, so for now the #NuggetsFaceGate remains an open case. Regardless, it was a bizarre thing to happen on an eventful night.

h/t to Stiffs legend Nate Timmons for the video.

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