Dave DuFour has been one of my favorite NBA analysts and personalities since I fist met him over a year ago. The two of us used to co-host a podcast that was, for some reason, called the “BOD POD.” The podcast was more or less an excuse to hangout on Skype and talk hoops for an hour.

My admiration for David Thorpe goes back even further. Coach Thorpe was one of the first analysts that really got me into the NBA as more than just a casual fan. Back in what felt like the pioneer days of digital media, Thorpe would join Henry Abbot, Tom Haberstroh, and others and talk about the game of basketball in ways that no one else on earth would. Thorpe has also authored a book, Basketball is Jazz, that reads as a sort of loose notebook on lessons about the game of basketball that he’s learned in his decades-long journey as a basketball trainer, analysts, and father.

Both “Daves” are such fascinating thinkers when it comes to the game of basketball so I was thrilled when DuFour invited me on their weekly Thursday show, Nerder She Wrote, to talk about the Denver Nuggets, NBA innovation, youth development, neural networks, Crispr Cas9, and a host of other seemingly random topics that all tie back to basketball. We spent an hour going back and forth about a wide array of topics that are perfect for the nerdiest of basketball nerds.

Check it out!