Take a guess when the NBA draft happens? If you didn't know it was on June 25th, then take a lap!

On draft night, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will be greeting the Nuggets no. 7 pick, and whomever that pick is will be donning this hat:

Let's grade this bad boy. We have the classic pickaxe and mountain logo on the front, and Nuggets in large lettering above the adjustable back. The material of the hat makes it look pretty comfortable. I'm not huge on adjustable hats, but a flex fit can be risky because you never know how big the dome is of the player walking to the stage.

Just imagine if William got drafted, his head has it's own weather system.

Anyway, vote on the grade of the hat below and let's see who can photoshop the hat to the prospect they want the Nuggets to select!

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