This is your chance to instantly react to the Denver Nuggets 2015-16 schedule release. What will the next season mean for this Nuggets team? How the schedule shapes up, road games and home games may affect how the new Emmanuel Mudiay lead Nuggets team develops during the year.

How many back to backs will there be? How many 4 games in 5 nights will there be? We were told that the NBA was going to scale back on compressing the games like that this season, so maybe players stand a better chance of less stress related injuries.

Read the schedule, react, and place your thoughts below on what you think about this schedule.When I was a fan I would eagerly map out the marquee games and circle them on my calendar (when calendars still existed) because that's how much of a basketball nerd I was. Yeah? Come at me!

Will be interesting to see what happens. This post will be updated with a rundown of back to backs and four games in fight nights as well as schedule difficulty.

Denver Nuggets 2015-16 Schedule


-Nuggets play 12 of their first 21 games on the road
-No Eastern Conference team played until November 30th
-Nuggets have two five game road trips. One end of November/December, last one in March
-There will be an 8 game homestand in January and seven game homestand from February to March
-Four games in five nights in December. Two in total this season
-16 sets of back to backs