We’re going to have a lot of time to discuss things this offseason, but less time than usual since the Nuggets played later into Spring than a lot of us are used to.

In the coming days I'll be going over the team roster and we'll be looking back at what each player contributed (positive and negative), their status with the team, and what their roles should be next season. So, stick around and get involved in the discussion. Feel free to agree on points, call me an idiot, and everything in between.

Keep reading after the jump to see some video of some unlikely players that could play a vital role in this offseason and perhaps next season with the team.

Whether he’ll just be a trading chip or perhaps earn a spot in the rotation next season … here is a look at what Steven Hunter brought to the table with the Philadelphia 76’ers …



And here is a look at why Dahntay Jones may be expendable this offseason … Sonny Weems, welcome to the land of Doctor J and M.J.