According to ESPN's John Hollinger the Nuggets may have to win in Portland on the last day of the season in order to win the division crown:

That leaves the Northwest as the only undecided division, and what it makes it more interesting is that three teams still have roughly equal odds of winning it. Denver (42.2 percent) is back in the catbird's seat after the road woes of Portland (32.4) and Utah (25.5) this past weekend, and it still looks as though it may come down to the Blazers-Nuggets meeting in Portland the last day of the season. 

I don't totally agree that the division will come down to the last game of the season with how the remaining schedules play out, but it sure would make for one heck of a game. Sort of like Game 163 that the Colorado Rockies played against the San Diego Padres to get into the playoffs a couple of seasons ago. Only this time the loser would not be out of the playoffs, but more than likely would be facing a first round series on the road instead of at home.

If Denver can get the win tonight they'll put the slightest amount of breathing room between them and the Blazers (1/2 game lead) and Jazz (1 game lead).