According to Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post, things appear to be drawing to a close with Ty Lawson’s time as a Denver Nuggets player. The “I wish” message. That message, though since deleted, has come across loud and clear to the Nuggets organization … but truth be told they have know this for a long time.

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From Dempsey's article:

Once considered an untouchable on the Nuggets' roster, the point guard's actions over the past two years have done everything to remove himself from that space. His new reality? He's as susceptible to the next good trade offer as any other tradeable player in the NBA.

If Lawson wants to remain with the Nuggets, he has an uphill battle to convince the organization there are enough good reasons to put him back on the untouchable list. And there isn't enough time to completely turn the tide by one of the biggest wheeling-and-dealing times of the year, the June draft.

So, he will have to sweat that out.

And so the wheel turns.

To my own eyes, Lawson’s disconnected behavior began from day one of last season. He looked blase’, and as the season progressed it became more and more clear that he had separated himself largely from the team. While teammates Jameer Nelson and Danilo Gallinari stepped up as leaders during the second half of the season (even before Brian Shaw was fired) Lawson just seemed like he wanted to be anywhere else but in that Nuggets locker room. The Instagram of Shaw rapping in the locker room served as a bit of an additional slap at Shaw, as Dempsey points out.

Which was sad.

Now the Nuggets must decide what they want to do. Roll the dice for two more seasons with Ty Lawson or try to get best value for him right now? It all depends on what's out there and what the Nuggets goals are. If the Nuggets want to rebuild then they stand to get a pretty nice (but not overwhelming) haul for Lawson. However, there's no guarantee and the Nuggets may be just as content to keep the disgruntled and problematic Lawson in Denver. With so little time left until July 1st, as Dempsey points out, there may be little chance to change the tide. A new coach could possibly believe they could reach and connect with Ty, There are so many variables out there.

Will be an interesting couple of months.