According to Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post, Danilo Gallinari said he was a bit surprised by the contract extension offer from Denver Nuggets General Manager Tim Connelly a month ago:

"He was saying they were trying to do something about it," Gallinari said Tuesday in a phone interview. "And then after that my agent called and we started talking more about what the extension was about."

Less than a month later, a deal was struck and the contract — three years, $45 million — was signed.

The Nuggets knew they wanted Gallinari, and Gallinari knew he wanted to stay in Denver.

"I was very fast in saying yes to this extension," Gallinari said. "I'm very happy to stay in Denver. This extension came because of the people in Denver, the fact that I've been in Denver for awhile now and the fact that I love the city."

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This has been a interesting off season from the Nuggets. Largely spent in avoiding free agency, signing their first round pick Emmanuel Mudiay, trading Ty Lawson and retaining their own free agents. The fact that Gallo was a bit surprised that he got the extension probably indicates he was prepared to let this season play out.

Tim Connelly told us on the Colorado Sports Guys podcast in early May said that what Gallo did down the stretch (averaging 19.1 points on 40% three point shooting and 45% overall from the field) was "elite level stuff". So there were indications at the very beginning of the Nuggets offseason that Gallo fit into their plans. All things considered, if Gallo can put up numbers even approaching what he did down the stretch he will be well worth the contract, providing he stays healthy. That podcast is well worth a re-listen as Connelly projected a good amount of what the Nuggets would do this offseason in that one show.

Gallo also spoke about talking to coach Michael Malone, and Malone coming to see him in Italy. Be sure and check out Dempsey’s article for more!