Danilo Gallinari sat down with Chris Dempsey from the Denver Post on Friday in New York for his first interview since undergoing a second ACL procedure on his knee in 9 months. Gallo seems both upbeat and agitated in his interview with Dempsey, however, he did indicate some positive news for Nuggets fans

"I'm feeling good," Gallinari said. "The surgery went very well — this one went very well — and so we're just on the road, back from the beginning on the road to recover. The good thing is that all the work that I put in before is going to be, I can use it. The rehab is going to be much easier, so it's going to be much better."

Gallinari expects to be ready by the time training camp rolls around in October. He's already walking, and says he has been for "the last four or five days now."

That is a positive outlook. Multiple sources close to the Nuggets have told both Denver Stiffs and the Post that the outlook for Gallo and his return to the Nuggets is quite positive. This is good news for the "shape" of next season's team as this year has been one with multiple injured players and lack of roster focus.

Additionally Gallo seems to indicate some annoyance with his first procedure

"Right now, probably I wish I did (ACL reconstructive) surgery before. But when you go through an injury, you're kind of in the doctor's hands. And I'm not a doctor; I'm a basketball player. So the decision that he made didn't work out, so we made another surgery with (Nuggets physician Dr. Steve) Traina, and it was very good. So, on to the next one."

So there's that.

Now, if we could find out the prognosis on Nate Robinson and JaVale McGee, that will be even better. Read the full story here at the Denver Post.